Please, carefully read the terms below. For the purpose of this document, She Code Africa will be represented with its abbreviation (SCA).

1.0 General

1.1 By proceeding with SCA on any matter, it is taken that you have read through, understood and given your consent to be bound by all terms set below.

1.2 These terms shall from time to time be reviewed subject to accruing issues and circumstances which may come into being.

1.3 SCA reserves the right to do with these terms as it wishes.

2.0 Specific Terms

2.1“Donation” means any such money as may be given in contribution to SCA to further its objectives.

2.2“Legal Member” means any young girl or woman who may at anytime become a part of SCA network or team.

2.3 “Volunteer” means any young girl or woman who may upon successful application begin to offer her services to SCA at no binding fees.

2.4 “Partner/Donor” means any legal entity that may at anytime come in contact with SCA for an official purpose.

2.5 “Agreement” means any legally binding arrangement between SCA and a partner/donor for a course.

3.0 Donation

3.1Donations do not form a contract for future or successive legal relationships or transactions.

3.2SCA reserves the right to use every donation at its discretion, subject to its organizational objectives.

3.3Any personal details received by SCA pursuant to any charitable donation, shall be kept confidential and private.

4.0 Legal Member

4.1A legal member is any lady who via SCA’s membership application form puts in an application, and upon review of such application is accepted.

4.2A legal member shall for the purpose of her membership to any of SCA’s platforms, projects or programmes, be subject to all SCA’s rules and regulations until at any such time when her membership may terminate.

4.3Where a legal member is assigned a position, she shall subject to SCA’s guidelines for such position carry out her functions for the sole purpose of furthering SCA’s legal objectives.

4.4 A legal member may at anytime communicate in writing to SCA of her decision to have her membership terminated.

5.0 Volunteer

5.1A person shall be deemed a volunteer upon a written application and a written confirmation of satisfaction with such application by SCA.

5.2 SCA volunteers are not entitled to salaries.

5.3A volunteer’s offer of engagement may be reviewed upon such time as may be agreed by SCA and the volunteer.


6.1Partnership between SCA and any legal entity shall be deemed as commenced upon a written agreement executed by both parties.

6.2 A partner/donor who at anytime comes into a legal relationship with SCA, shall be bound by all SCA’s Terms and Conditions.

6.3All partners/donors are to the extent of the agreements entered into with SCA, bound.

7.0 Agreement

7.1All formal partnerships between SCA and other legal entities shall be deemed to have commenced ONLY by a written agreement executed by representatives or agents of each party.

7.2Each party to an agreement shall reserve the right to have in its possession a copy of the executed agreement.

7.3Disputes arising from any agreement between SCA and other legal entities shall be settled amicably.

7.4Where amicable settlement fails, the matter shall be settled by an independent arbitrator who shall be chosen by the parties in dispute.

7.5Where settlement by an independent arbitrator fails, the matter shall be settled by a court in the State where such issue(s) arose.

8.0 Confidentiality

8.1SCA holds in high esteem the information of its legal members and partners/donors, and is committed to preserving same even in the event of a termination of membership or partnership.

8.2All information collected from legal members or partners/donors shall be handled with privacy, except where a legal member or partner/donor says otherwise.

8.3 Where the information of a legal member or partner/donor is required to be public, SCA will specifically request the approval of the legal member or partner/donor before any such information is made public.

8.4In a case where a legal member’s or partner’s/donor’s information is already public, SCA is not bound to request an approval before further making public such information.

9.0Limitation of Liability

9.1Where a legal member is in contact with any SCA partner/donor for a project that will solely benefit her, SCA is not bound to indemnify the legal member in the event anything goes wrong.

9.2Where a legal member is acting on behalf of SCA and out of negligence causes any damage, SCA will not be bound to indemnify the member.

9.3 Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or restrict SCA’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of SCA or its agents.